Monthly blogging routine

You’ve got a daily and weekly blogging routine, but do you have a monthly blogging routine?

This is the third post in my blogging routine mini-series. If you’re looking for the other posts, you can find them here:

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Make your monthly blogging routine work for you

With all my routines, I emphasise that you need to adapt this to your situation and what works for you. I work outside of the home, have two young children, and my blog is what I would describe as a side-hustle. If you’re in the enviable position of being able to work full-time on your blog, there are some things here that you might be able to do more frequently.

Equally, you might need to only do some of these tasks every couple of months or not at all, depending on your blog and how you work.

My Monthly Blogging Routine

  • Check stats and record – I always do this on the first of the month so that Google Analytics records the whole month.
  • Update your media kit with relevant stats
  • Plan posting schedule for next month
  • Email any relevant brands/PRs who may like to collaborate
  • Add up income and expenditure and record for the month
  • Create a new opt-in freebie for subscribers
  • Clean up mailing lists
  • Send a round-up email
  • Check email welcome sequence is working effectively
  • Check and remove any broken links
  • Check all social sharing links are working effectively
  • Check featured Pinterest boards are up to date
  • Move Pinterest boards so upcoming events are at the top
  • Update any older posts with internal links to new posts
  • Create pins for older posts (if they don’t have pins) and pin to relevant Pinterest boards

I’ve created a printable version of this as a checklist in my Resource Library. I’m also using Todoist, but you can put this into Trello, Pocket or whichever organising system you really like using.

If you’d like the printable version, don’t forget to grab it from the Resource Library.

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This post has been compiled with suggestions from Anklebiters Adventures, Arepops, The Growing Mum, Household Money Saving, The Olivers Madhouse, The Newby Tribe.

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  • I am terrible at routine I tend to do what I feel like and what feels right on the day, I know this is not necessarily the right way to do things but it works for me. I wish I was more organised but its just not in me x

    • I think it’s much more about knowing who you are and how you work best. I love routine and ‘ticking things off the list’ – but I don’t cope with change very well!