Daily Blogging Routine and Checklist

Do you need a daily blogging routine?

If you’ve been around the OLP for a while, you’ll know that I love routines. I’m slightly obsessed with them, and find my life is just so much easier when I have established routines to follow. Recently, I’ve been putting together some blogging routines, which I’ll be sharing in posts over the next few weeks. There are daily, weekly and monthly blogging routines, and I’ll there’s a free printable checklist in the Resource Library, so make sure you’ve got the password by subscribing to the emails.

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Daily Blogging Routine

Daily Blogging Routine and Checklist

A lot of the routines I’ve been developing are about managing social media. I’m more and more aware that I need to be fully present with my family, rather than having half an eye on my phone. I also don’t want blogging to take over my life – both blogging and teaching are careers where the to-do list never gets completed, so having a strict routine helps me to stay on top of things. As Plutonium Sox put it, “I want to love blogging, not live it.”

The daily blogging routine I’ve written doesn’t actually depend on me having written a post. I’m trying to post 4 times a week in 2018, but sometimes last year I kept to my routine but only had one post go live. Even if I haven’t written a post, I might write an email to my subscribers, or promote an older post that is relevant for the time. I’ve found that blogging is so much about promotion, so that’s where I focus my efforts.

With my routines for housework, I emphasise that, if you use my routines, you need to adapt them for your own situation. I’ve prioritised Pinterest, as the majority of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. Your traffic – or your focus may well be different.

Also, these are daily routines. They depend on your weekly and monthly routines working as well. Those posts will be coming next week, so look out for them!

My Daily Blogging Routine:

  • Read and respond to all emails
  • File relevant emails
  • Publish post (or choose one to promote)
  • Email relevant parties e.g. PRs about the post
  • Respond to all comments on blog posts
  • Pin to your own and any relevant group boards on Pinterest
  • Schedule Facebook page within Facebook
  • Schedule Twitter with scheduler
  • Spend 10 minutes tweeting ‘normally’ – especially sharing some kindness and retweets
  • Schedule Instagram or post directly to Instagram
  • Respond to all comments on Facebook
  • Respond to all comments on Twitter
  • Respond to all comments on Instagram
  • Comment on hashtags you use on Instagram
  • Pin others’ pins to 10 Pinterest boards
  • Add your post and several others to Stumbleupon
  • Ensure Tailwind Queue is full
  • Comment on 5 other blogs
  • Join any relevant linkys
  • Record income and expenditure

I have put this list together with support from other bloggers. Thank you to Jakijellz, The Ladybirds’ Adventures, Yorkshire Wonders, The Mama Fairy, Pink Pear Bear, Tattooed Tealady, Mummy Cat Notes, Five Little Doves, Katykicker, Raising a Ragamuffin, Mrs H’s Favourite Things, Anklebiters Adventures, Dear Bear and Beany, My Parenting Journey

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  • This is brilliant Naomi, although it does highlight just how much there is to do where blogging is concerned! The thing which I procrastinate the most about is the behind the scenes, technical stuff. I know I’m not good at it and it can sometimes take hours to sort out for me! This is a super daily list though, and one I could hopefully manage to stick to.

    • Oh my goodness, yes, there is so much to do – and it feels like you can never really do everything some days! Glad you find it helpful x

  • This is amazing! Just what I need! I have something similar just for social media, but I love that this covers resharing old posts etc. I like to be organised and have a routine, but also get side tracked easily and can bogged down in detail. I really have to work at keeping myself focused so I can separate my time out properly. This is perfect – thank you! xx

  • I love this post – there IS so much to do, on top of the content. I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing how long this morning routine takes you about?

    • I think this probably takes about an hour all together – sometimes more, but that depends on emails, comments and so on. If you really focus you’ll get it done in an hour.