A huge change of direction

I’ve been trying to get this post published for a month. When you read it, you’ll understand why it’s taken me so long. I haven’t really disappeared off the face of the earth, just the blogosphere.

The September rush…

September is usually a really busy time of year for me. It’s the start of the school year, and I’m a teacher, so things are hard. You’re getting back into routines – something I love and enjoy – but you’re also having to establish new routines, new relationships and adjust to whatever the focus is for this academic year. Add two children into that mix, both of whom have been off with you over the Summer holidays, and it gets a bit more stressful.

This year, it’s got a different focus. On the last day of the Summer term, I had an interview. I got the job, so I’ll be leaving my school at Christmas.

A change in direction

It’s a complete career change for me. I’ll be working as an Operations Manager for my church, running the day to day business of the church as well as working with the leadership team to implement various projects and systems.

I am so pleased to have got the job, and so excited to start, that there’s a real frustration there for me. As any teacher will know, schools completely shut down over the Summer. My contract demands a term’s notice, and school have asked me to fulfil this. So despite getting the new job back in July, I won’t actually be there full time until January. In the meantime, I’m taking my Year 11s, 12s and 13s through as much of their curriculum as I can.

As I’m part-time at my school, I have actually started working at church one day a week, getting to grips with the day to day aspects of the job. So I’m juggling two very different jobs, running our home, doing the school and nursery runs and trying to keep every healthy and happy, as well as keeping up with the blog. Plus my youngest has stopped napping!

Just to add to the craziness, I’ve been part of a team organising a women’s conference, Fearless, which happened a couple of weeks ago. Conferences are huge amounts of work, and we just didn’t stop.

What about the blog?

Well, something had to slip, didn’t it? That’s why I haven’t been around much of late. To be honest, I won’t be around a huge amount between now and Christmas. My family have to come first, and the time I spend blogging is now going to be time away from them. My evenings are even more taken up with marking, planning and meetings, and my weekends are squeezed too.

I have no doubt that things will get easier once I finish teaching. Although teaching looks like a family-friendly profession, the reality in term time is that a full time teacher works 50-60 hours a week. A part time teacher like me can easily notch up 35-40 hours. So with a day in church, additional commitments and one day off a week with my youngest, it’s easy to see where the time goes.

As for the blog… Well, to be honest, I don’t know. Maintaining a blog, plus the social media, takes up a huge amount of time and mental energy. I’ve never felt that I’ve been particularly ‘present’ on social media, and I often feel like I’m playing catch up, compared to bloggers who don’t work outside the home or perhaps have church related commitments. However, I know I have a great audience, and a really amazing email list that I’ve worked hard to build up. I wrote the ebook, and I’d love to see that become a real book. I’d love to see OLP diaries, planners, calendars and notebooks. I’d love to create meal plans that are actually useful. One day, I’d love to run a membership community and really coach people through organising their lives.

But that’s a huge commitment, and one I cannot make at the moment. When I blog, I’m constantly thinking, ‘When I have more time…’ I’m wishing my life away, and I don’t want to live like that.

So I’m asking for a bit more time. Let me work out this new ‘normal’ for me and my family. There’s a new normal for now, and an adjustment again in January. So please give me a few months – and then I will be back on it and with a new plan for The Organised Life Project.

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  • You are really missed Naomi but your family life balance is the most important thing. Look forward to hearing more news soon x

  • I have enjoyed your blog but I applaud your attempt to bring some balance to your life. Women need to support women whatever their choices. We need to be each others cheerleaders. Life is hard, don’t make it harder. Enjoy your time with your children. They are your legacy. Not work. Not the blog.

  • What an amazing new job Naomi, big well done. I can imagine how hard this time is, but it will all be worth it. You have so much great content on here that it can remain as a resource until (if) you’re ready to pick it up again. All the best. Mich x

  • Enjoy your last lessons 😁. I made a point of being mindful when teaching some classes “this is probably the last time I’ll demonstrate… Or discuss…”It helped me keep focus was the days went by. And then… Enjoy! I have thoroughly loved my new job and new challenges. I can’t believe what its loke to work in the real world. 😂😂