I’m Naomi: wife to Tim, mum to Ben (born August 2012) and Samuel (born November 2015). I’m also a teacher and a Christian.

I started running The Organised Life Project on another blog in January 2017. I had two small children, a demanding job, a blog, commitments at church and in my community and I had to get myself really organised to keep up with everything.

It quickly took off and became a bit of a movement – there’s now a whole community of readers who are organising their lives month by month. I’ve become really passionate about helping people organise their homes, families and themselves. And I’ve become more organised as well! 

I’m PR friendly, so please get in touch if you’d like to work with me: naomi@theorganisedlifeproject.com

I also love to hear from my readers, so please comment on the blog, Like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.